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What is Nissan Connect and Nissan Connect Services?

Download Nissan Connect for Android and iPhone. Nissan Connect Services is basically OnStar for Nissan. If you get into an accident the vehicle will dispatch emergency vehicles to your location, you can get roadside assistance, and Nissan even offers special concierge service where you can speak to a live operator to get directions to your destination.

But the best part of Nissan Connect Services is the remote function features from your smartphone or smart device like Google Home or Amazon Alexa.

“Hey Google, start my Altima with Nissan Connect Services!”

Need to find your vehicle in a crowded parking lot or God forbid the Long Term Parking at the Airport? No problem. Either open the Nissan Connect Services App on your device and tap on the Vehicle Locator option, or even better, press the Honk horn button. Just follow the sounds of that beautiful horn honking in the distance.

Of course, you could just use your key fob, But what if you didn’t realize that your spouse had it after you already walked out of the arena to get the sweater you told them to get, before you left the vehicle. Use the app to unlock the car doors. Pretty neat.

What is Nissan Connect? Nissan Connect is basically a suite of apps that runs the infotainment system, the same way Chevrolet has MYLink, Ford uses Microsoft Sync , Jeep’s UConnect, and so on. It also brings a select few apps from your phone like Pandora, iHeart Radio, and Trip Advisor, to the display for easier navigating.

What is Nissan Connect Services? Nissan Connect Services is the paid service that allows you to use the remote features, and to stay connected to your vehicle via Nissan Connect Services App.

Download Nissan Connect Services App for Android
Download Nissan Connect Services App for Apple

Click here, if you’re looking to pair your device to Nissan with Amazon Alexa.

Click here, if you’re looking to pair your device to your Nissan with Google Home

How much does Nissan Connect Services Cost?

Every New 2020-2021 Nissan that comes with Nissan Connect Services built in, comes with a free trial of the Select Package of Nissan Connect Services for 3 years, the Premium package for 6 months, along with the Premium Plus package for 6 months. I’ll break down the differences below.


$11.99/month after free 3yr trial*

Remote Access to Vehicle via the Amazon Alexa/Google Home

Remote Lock/Unlock

Vehicle Health Report

Maintenance Alert

Scheduled Maintenance Notification

In-Vehicle Messaging


$8.00/month after free 6 month trial*

Everything that comes on the Select Package

Automatic Collison Notification

Emergency Call

Connection to Roadside Assistance

Stolen Vehicle locator

Alarm notification

Remote engine Start/stop

Remote Horn and Lights

Boundary Alert

Valet Alert

Curfew Alert

Speed Alert

MyCar Finder

Connected Search

Journey Planner

Destination Download

Premium Plus

$12.99/month after free 6 month trial*

Everything that comes on the Select Package, plus Premium package

Destination Assistance-Speak to a live operator hands free

Click here to find out which Nissan models and trims levels are available for Nissan Connect and Nissan Connect Services.

*Pricing is current as of writing this post. Pricing may change in the future.